App Mechanix

App Mechanix is all about amazing apps. We're a boutique studio that creates the apps we'd like to use ourselves. We publish QuizBlaster, a leading multiplayer quiz game for Windows and iOS. Our development studio is based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Our apps

Awesome photo sharing for photographers

Shnappy provides a quick and modern photo gallery portal that runs across all of your clients devices - from mobile phones through to web-enabled TVs.

Brain to brain combat!

QuizBlaster is a game for lovers of trivia, arcane facts and just plain esoteric randomness.

Webhooks made easy for developers

Hooq makes it easy to integrate and manage webhooks in your apps and environment.

Track changes to your website

SiteShot compares every page in your website and lets you know how your deploy has gone, notifying you of any changes.

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